Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Four Month Update...In Thirty Seconds

I have had problems with my blog, but now is my chance to do a quick update of some important events that I think are very blog worthy!

Peyton is getting big and learning new things each day. Addison and Jack just love him. Sometimes, I think maybe they love him too much. :) Jack thinks it is fun to climb in the crib with Peyton and give him hugs while I hover close by in case Jack decides to try to help baby out of bed.

Addison graduated from kindergarten!! She had a graduation ceremony with a hat and diploma and everything. It was very exciting! It was also kind of sad because she really liked her teacher, Ms. Fleck. But it was time to move on and she really likes first grade.

My sister Katelyn married Brandon Dalley in the Salt Lake Temple in August. He is pretty awesome and they are a cute little married couple. Katelyn was beautiful and it was a great day! I stole this picture from Jamie's blog since I didn't have one. Thanks James, I hope you don't mind!

Jack turned three! We had a big family party at Ryan's parents' house with a big Spiderman cake. Jack is really into superheroes these days. He was excited to spend his day with lots of people that he loves. We are so happy to have Jack in our family. He is so sweet and funny and we never know what he will do next. We love our little guy!

Oh, and I turned 30. Enough said.